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     Our goal here at BikerFox is to tell you the truth about what you need to do to rollback the hands of time. Will power in a bottle is what we sell. There are no cures for depression, anxiety, being tired, boredom, laziness, colds, anger, sore throats, various pains such stomach, chest, back, legs, arm, and your head. Maybe you think its McDonalds or Burger King's fault that you don't feel the way you should. Maybe you think its your DNA or a hereditary factor that is causing your personal problems in your life. No folks, it is nobody's fault but your own. Its all about power! Its about you taking the time to get out and pump your heart as hard as you can. You making the decision that you are tired of being tired. You have the power to change your perspective towards life.

    When you exercise and do cardiovascular activities, this increases the amount of oxygen that is produced in your bloodstream. Folks, I promise you from the bottom of my heart, this is the only way you will ever EVER feel like you were supposed to feel about people, friends, acquaintances, and the game of life. If you think you can go down to your local drug store and get exercise, nutrition, oxygen, or a pill that will pump your heart so hard that its like you had been running for an hour on the bike trail. Its not gonna happen, ever!

    How did BikerFox lose nearly 90 pounds? Folks what I did was, I started eating 4-6 oz of baked fish or chicken every day. Green beans, rice, squash, brussel spouts, greens, Basically in 1999, I starved myself to death for 3 or 4 months and rode my bicycle 25-65 miles a day. Did you know that water fools your body into thinking you have actually eaten something. Folks, you cannot gain weight from drinking water. Try it, it will work!

   Did you know that you can live more than 40 days with out food as long as you have H20 to drink. David Blaine, a world known magician, accomplished an amazing feat. He suspended himself in a glass box above a river in London and went 44 days with only a blanket and a supply of water. Friends, that goes to prove my point that food consumption is all in your head. Its psychological, its whatever you tell yourself will come to pass. No matter what the situation is, its all in your head. Nobody knows what you are thinking and nobody cares.

    Remember, the things we tell you here at Foxland, are Facts. The infomercials that you see on television are a joke. Except for Ron Popiel's rotisserie oven. But if you are still convinced that happiness comes in a bottle and you do not want to exercise, then here is a link to Walgreen's pharmacies. They have all the pills you need to mask and hide your problems that are caused from not doing Cardiovascular exercises.