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Feb. 17, 2005, 8:28PM

Please, call me Biker Fox

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Biker Fox says he feels like a teenager and has the Glamour Shots to prove it.

His immensely popular Web site -- featuring peculiar and prancy photos of him in his biker spandex -- is a hot Internet destination. It's spread via the click-and-gawk crowd that e-mails quirky links (i.e. or the hairy guy in the wedding dress on eBay) to friends across the country.

But the former 245-pounder is on a mission. Though some find chuckles on his site, Biker Fox hopes to spread the serious word that shedding extra pounds and getting into shape is the answer to happiness and good health. It worked for him, as Biker Fox has dubbed himself "the all time sexiest man of the year."

You can judge for yourself at, where you'll also find photos of his friends and wildlife, plus his thoughts on life.

"The Web site is just for fun," he said, noting that his site gets up to 2,000 hits a day. "Life is about enjoyment and having happiness in your heart and soul."

His turnaround started six years ago when he was 40, and known as Frank Palmer DeLarzelere III. (He legally changed his name to Biker Fox just a couple of weeks ago.) An exercise program led to his passion for biking, and he says God helped him stop eating like a pig all day.

Now the Tulsa, Okla., resident's weight hovers around 155 pounds, and he bikes 25 to 50 miles a day. He runs Billions and Trillions Inc., a mail-order parts supply outlet for muscle cars that he started 18 years ago, but he has plotted a path to stardom.

"I want to be a celebrity. I want other people to see me and know that I'm just the same as you are. I've just taken a few extra steps in my life to become physically fit, which changes your attitude and perspective and gives you tremendous optimism toward our society," Biker Fox said. "I can't wait to be a star all over the world. I know it's going to happen."

This budding superstar was more than happy to take the TMi test. In fact, Biker Fox said if we thought of any more questions we could call him back anytime.

What's your favorite photographic pose?

I don't know. There are so many cute ones.

Ten gears or zero?


When is the last time you slept alone?

I sleep alone almost every night. I'm single.

What magazine/book is by your bedside?

I sleep with my Bible.

You have pictures of your injuries and X-rays on your Web site. Which was the most painful?

When I broke my shoulder, definitely. I had to have my arm in a sling for two months.

What does your mother call you?

Trey. And she always will.

What do you think you'll be doing this time next week?

I'll still be selling my muscle car parts and doing radio and newspaper interviews. I've done radio all over the United States. It's fun.

Favorite dessert?

I eat Häagen-Dazs ice cream almost every night. Chocolate.

Raccoons or bluebirds?

Bluebirds. Have you ever raised bluebirds? It's the most gratifying thing in the whole world to see these little baby bluebirds fly out.

What's the secret of looking good in Spandex?


If you're the sexiest man alive -- as your Web site claims -- who comes in second?

Oh, probably Tom Cruise.

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