Folks, the nicest people in the whole world live right here in Oklahoma. Did you know that a bicyclist does not have the same right as an automobiles in traffic? Unfortunately this motorist was not too happy to see BikerFox riding on a narrow two lane street. In fact, this gentleman had his ten or twelve year old son sitting in the passenger seat. Folks, I gotta be honest with you, personally I think that its so outrageous that a father would teach his son that its okay for a 4000lb automobile to ride over another human being on a 15lb bicycle. Now Mr. Fox knows that 99.9% of the people in Tulsa will slow down when they see a person on a bicycle. With my experience riding in the street, I have come to realize that .1% of the population is so full of hate and anger that they will choose to take out their personal problems on other people. The most unbelievable thing about this whole situation was the guy drove off like it never even happened. Thankfully, there were two motorists with enough courage to follow this felon and called the Police to give them the tag number. The Tulsa Police never prosecuted this guy and I really can't imagine why. Maybe they are jealous, envious, or in total denial of BikerFox's power. Love is the key and I would like to thank my thousands of fans that have emailed, called, and showed such positive feedback towards BikerFox. Our goal is to continue to inspire the world to just have fun, whatever you do, don't let the pessimists have their way. Have the guts to speak up!

    BikerFox's goal is to make it possible for every kid to ride his bicycle around town and back and forth to school without being impeded by automobiles. Did you know the law protects the automobile and not the cyclist? If you are on a bicycle riding in the streets, you are impeding traffic. In other words, you are in the way of that 4000lb bullet pointed at your back. BikerFox looks at an automobile as a dangerous lethal weapon that should be two car lengths back from any cyclist in the street. The automobile should be forced to pass a bicycle as if it were an automobile with twice the respect. Good Day! Love BikerFox!