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    BikerFox was born in Monroe, Louisiana in 1958. He has had numerous jobs over the last 30 years. These include mowing lawns, painting, Ken's Pizza, Pizza Hut, My Pie, Shotgun Sams, Wolf Nursery, Framed Houses, A.B. Dick Products, Hardesty Company Concrete, Bill White Chevrolet, Riversie Chevrolet, Dean Bailey, Action Cycles, Canon Copiers, Mita Copy Star, Florafax, Sold Mortgages, Newspapers, Telemarketing, Also trained in Electronics and Graphic Communications at Vo-tech. When he was 29 years old thats when he began gaining weight. At 39, he decided it was time to change my life. The game of life was meant to enjoy one day at a time. Live for the present. Prepare for the future. Never look back and be a positive beacon of light for other Americans to see. BikerFox knows that some of you folks look at him and think that he is very strange. Friends, we want you to understand something. When you lose over 80lbs of weight, it completely changes your perspective towards life. Instead of feeling 50 years old, BikerFox feels like a teenager again. Change your life today. Get up! The best time to get fit and change your life is to do it in the Spring and Summer when the temperature is higher and enables you to lose more weight.

Have Fun! BikerFox