Jeremy Lamberton is the executive producer for BikerFox's upcoming movie.  He is also one of the founders of the Tulsa Overground Film Festival. I'd like to personally think Jerry for his mind boggling creations that will inevitably make BikerFox the most popular superstar with kids.
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Do you want Biker Fox to dance on your computer?

Download and install Yahoo's widget engine and then click on one of these guys below or all of them you can pick your nose and now you can pick your Biker Fox. Email your friends a link to this page.

Every wonder how Biker Fox gets that perfect hair? Check out this widget.
See Biker Fox execute a perfect front flip on his bike. Some say he is the only bicyclist in the world to have perfected this trick.
Biker Fox says, "the only way to succeed is to not be afraid of failing." Check out an awesome spill Biker Fox took.
Wasn't that amazing? Do you want to make your own Biker Fox dance video?

Check out these samples below and then download the full clip and decide what Biker Fox is listening to and where he is dancing and make it. Maybe he isn't dancing, maybe he is on fire or at a picnic. When you make a video put it up on YouTube or wherever and send Biker Fox a link.

Here are the first few to come in. Where will Biker go next?

Choose your favorite green screen clip to make your own movie about dancing Biker Fox.
Download RibCage
Download WesternBiker
Download NeckBrace
Download RedTop
Download DiscoverTop
Download BikerPosing