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7758 E. 106th St.
Tulsa OK 74133
(918) 291-1966







    These people have turned in songs so far. You can click on each bands' name and listen to their songs. Email me at and tell me which song you like best.





    Just to give you an idea of what BikerFox's new movie will consist of. BikerFox was seen filming in Hollywood Boulevard, in Venice Beach with lots of pretty women, and in Arizona checking out the Grand Canyon. He was also spotted New Mexico, and Oklahoma observing the wildlife scenery. BikerFox was caught playing in the street doing flips and bike tricks on his Cannondale. The women were going crazy over the wild and sexy spandex that was worn. BikerFox complimented his attire with diamond earrings, outrageous socks, and an awesome hair style. You may know him from performing the first front flip on a mountain bike. BikerFox has a love and passtion for fitness, cycling, and humor. Also, he believes in bike safety, peer pressure being bad!, staying positive, changing your outlook on life, never growing old, breaking the mold, and travelling down the road no one else will go down. Catch BikerFox in Tulsa, OK doing stoppies in the streets and selling his wide selection of muscle car parts to all sorts of people including Jay Leno and his garage. BikerFox is the GTO Guru of the world!

So far these bands and people have registered and submitted a song:

Does anyone need cash? If you do not submit a song, I guess you aren't hurting that bad for some cash. This is fricking $5000 in cold hard cash! What more can you ask for? If no one has entered, and you are the only one, guess who wins? You!