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Front Wheelie or Stoppie will help to improve your balance.

BikerFox Hop for fun or unforseen crashes and obstacles!

Preventive crash and injury technique.

Extreme Bike Front Flips



BikerFox has developed these three Crash and Injury preventive techniques.

DeFox has literally been over the handlebars thousands of times.  Ninety nine percent of the time he lands on his feet.  These crash and injury techniques The Fox has developed are ten years ahead of their time. Until you learn the BikerFox techniques you risk serious injury when riding on bicycle trails, mountain bike trails, and other obstacles such as holes, rocks, cracks, and wood chunks.

Warning! The actions depicted on this web site are unbelievably dangerous.  BikerFox is a professional  and  experienced rider.  Do not attempt to duplicate any stunts that are beyond your own capabilities.  Always use discretion and wear the appropriate safety gear!